eTech Summer Summit

Having a great day at the eTech Ohio Summer Summit.  See this for an interesting presentation on the basics of the Chrome book and Chromebox.

Also, good information on PARCC Testing.  Important to participate in any trials that are offered down the road.  Assessment registration and validation.  Tracking results and being able to report results.  The scale of PARCC’s testing system will be immense.  20-25 million users (Students) with content being delivered both ways in a short period of time.   Comparable and perhaps more immense than Amazon or the IRS.

PARCC is in the process of developing an open source architecture for testing content. This won’t be in play until at least the second year of PARCC.

Sending students to computers or sending computers to students?

Final word – don’t look for sample items anytime soon as vendors have not been chosen yet.



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