Jackie Gerstein’s Full Picture of the Flipped Classroom Model.

Gerstein's Flipped Classroom ModelIf you are not familiar with Jackie Gerstein’s work (which I wasn’t until recently) you have to check out this link.  She has some really interesting stuff.

Flipping the classroom is becoming a phenomenon.  I know this because teachers in schools I work with are starting to talk about it.  And it is not just the early-adopter types, the teachers I hear discussing this are your seasoned veterans in many cases.  The thing I worry about is what will they do with the class time they have flipped?  Jackie’s piece at the link above discusses the importance of figuring this out.

Folks who provide professional development to teachers around the role technology has to play in education will need to emphasize the importance of having answers to the question of “what do we do now with this void in-class time?”

This is where it will be important to move teachers from a teacher-centered approach to a student-centered, constructivist approach.  That is just my $.02 but out working in schools, I see the need for this paradigm shift.

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