eTech Ohio

I am attending the final day of the eTech Ohio conference today.  Great conference, very enjoyable and very inspiring as I listen to sessions and see what teachers are doing from around the state.

I especially enjoyed listening to Lisa Johnson-Bowers, a Chemistry teacher from Mentor who is using MOODLE to flip her classroom.  She is using the LiveScribe Pen to create “PenCasts” and using screen capture video to record lectures that her students can access for homework.  Then, when she has the students in class – she can have them creating and collaborating as they learn.  Her tagline was “They’re hands on, I’m mind off!”

Reminds me of the classic Harry Wong, The First Days of School where he talks about what happens at the end of the school day in a traditional setting.  The kids run out the door – free and energized from a day spent watching the adults work.  Meanwhile, the teachers drag their butts out of there, dead tired from working their tails off.  I think there are big connections to Harry Wong’s approach and technology/Web 2.0 Tools/Constructivism.

Lisa provided some really innovative ways to use some of the common features of MOODLE:


  • List of favorite websites
  • List of quotes
  • Student introductions
  • Mini research projects
  • Student created test banks
  • Student generated letters of recommendation (I loved this idea)
  • Lab experiments
  • Chapter terms
  • Staff directory


  • AP Chemistry test prep manual
  • Class notes
  • Character education profiles
  • Group research projects
  • Development of classroom rules
  • Use a prompt such as, “Tell about a time when somebody showed respect…”
  • What character traits do you have in common with (fill in the blank)?
  • Read an article and discuss
  • Homework help line

I thought these were some really practical and easy ideas for utilizing some of the common tools found in any Learning Management System.  Thanks to Lisa for a great presentation.